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Sonoma County’s Premier Mobile Detailing Service


We are the foremost experts in auto appearance in the North Bay. We've been detailing vehicles since 1994. Auto detailing involves much more than simply washing your car. We understand the chemistry behind the auto detailing products and will help you make an informed decision. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We come to you with professional carpet and upholstery extraction equipment, spot-free water polishers, and paint restoration chemicals. With more 5 star reviews than anyone, you can be confident knowing your vehicle will detailed to perfection. We specialize in high end and luxury autos but can also clean a soccer mom's van and an everyday driver. We provide paint sealants, Rain-X treatments, anti-staining coatings, and leather rejuvenation. Whether it's a car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or plane -- BLS can do it all.

We offer window tinting, RV & motorhome detailing, motorcycle detailing, Glare® paint protection, all brought directly to you wherever you are at - we arrive on time!

Now Offering Glare® Glass Coating

What is a glass coating? This is a silicate glass coating that forms a molecular bond with your paint finish. The bond creates the longest lasting paint protection on the market. Period.

How long does it last? A minimum of 2 years and up to 5 years. Guaranteed! Less waxings over time means great savings for you. Cleaning usually requires only water and a microfiber cloth to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Self Cleaning? The high angle of contact for water droplets (high surface tension) means that dirt won’t stick. This creates a nearly self cleaning surface. You'll wash your car less often and save money.

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Window Tinting


Window tinting is a task best left to a professional. Our window tinting services are affordable and will provide the best in style, luxury, and sun-protection.

RV & Boat Detailing


Your boats and RV's are hard to clean - which is why we have the experience to clean them for you. We'll come to you and have them all detailed for your next big adventure.

Motorcycle Detailing


These road warriors can get quite dirty; let us educate you on why detailed cleaning and paint protection will keep your motorcycle in perfect visual shape for years to come.