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Sonoma County’s Premier Mobile Detailing Service


Since 1994, I have been performing mobile auto detailing throughout Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and the Bar Area. Much more than a simple car wash, car detailing is a very delicate and timely process in which the goal is to restore your vehicle's interior and exterior appearance to like new. Having full knowledge of the chemistry of various auto detailing products and their interactions with car paint, I am able to take very careful and safe approaches to gaining the maximum shine and restoration on your paint, paneling, and leather. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Using upholstery and carpet cleaning equipment, water polishers (leaving no spots behind), paint protection & restoration chemicals, your car will receive an internal and external full restoration. Many of my customers have written about how their car looks like new after the project was complete. I detail and restore any car - from luxury vehicles to minivans and buses. Whether it be paint sealant, anti-staining coating, Rain-X, or interior upholstery/leather rejuvination -- BLS does it all.

We offer window tinting, RV & motorhome detailing, motorcycle detailing, Glare® paint protection, all brought directly to you wherever you are at - we arrive on time!

Now Offering Glare® Glass Coating

What is a glass coating? This is a silicate glass coating that forms a molecular bond with your paint finish. The bond creates the longest lasting paint protection on the market. Period.

How long does it last? A minimum of 2 years and up to 5 years. Guaranteed! Less waxings over time means great savings for you. Cleaning usually requires only water and a microfiber cloth to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Self Cleaning? The high angle of contact for water droplets (high surface tension) means that dirt won’t stick. This creates a nearly self cleaning surface. You'll wash your car less often and save money.

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Sonoma County's Best Mobile Headlight Restoration Service

headlight-restoration-santa-rosa ABOVE: Notice the differences between the light on your left (freshly restored) and the light on your right (old & worn out).

Are the lenses on your headlights hazy, peeling, or is the glass murky-looking? Having a hard time seeing your lights at night? Do your poor lights make your vehicle look a lot older than it really is? These are common signs of headlights needing treatment. Old and damaged headlights are not only an aesthetic disturbance, they can be a safety hazard on the road. As headlight covers age, they emit increasingly reduced amounts of visible light. This inhibits your ability to see obstructions on the road, and it reduces how well people may see you at night and driving down long highways during the day.

Headlight restoration starts out at $50 per vehicle. Headlight assembly replacement starts out at $200 per pair.

At BLS Auto Detail, we are mobile headlight restoration specialists who will completely restore the aesthetic appeal as well as the optical performance of your vehicle's headlights. As mobile specialists, we will drive to your car and complete the job in very little time at all. We offer significantly cheaper prices than a shop/dealer, and a whole lot more convenience and customer service. Give me (Ben Smith) a call at (707) 280-5758.

Window Tinting


Window tinting is a task best left to a professional. Our window tinting services are affordable and will provide the best in style, luxury, and sun-protection.

Sell Your Car

Selling your car is a hassle and quite frankly, it should be handled by a professional. Let us show you how you can save time and money by going with a professional.

Motorcycle Detailing


These road warriors can get quite dirty; let us educate you on why detailed cleaning and paint protection will keep your motorcycle in perfect visual shape for years to come.