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Benjamin Thanks for still knowing what customer service is all about. Sorry for the last minute call on Friday because I forgot we had a car show on Sunday. Don't know how I was a week off on my Calender. You said you were busy on Saturday but would have enough daylight to get the job done if a late appointment would work. You showed up late Saturday and proceeded to do you magic on the 2007 Volvo XC project car. I wanted to thank you since we managed to win 1st place in our group at the Davis Volvo car show. Once again thanks for the wonderful attention to detail on the car. Ron
Ron E Apr 7, 2014

Had my car detailed by Ben on Saturday, he was willing to fit me in on short notice and came all the way out to Fairfield. Got the interior and exterior done and it took about 2hrs. My car looks great, really showed attention details.
Matt M Jun 12, 2014

5 Star Service!
Kevin and Tina Domer, Santa Rosa, CA Aug 6, 2015

I was selling my 10 year old car and I let Ben come out and detail it up. He did a great job, I sold my car to the first person who looked at it. He even went above and beyond by buffing out a few scuffs when it got scuffed up at the CarMart in Santa Rosa a couple days after he had done the work, it was not even his fault and he took the extra time to make it right for me to sell. Thanks Ben.
Steve C., Sebastopol, CA Mar 18, 2014

I actually found Ben, and BLS Mobile Auto Detail, at another business, and I took his card. I use him to wash the vehicles every two weeks. He shows up and does the job just fine. He washes and waxes, and does the carpets as well. I also use him for the boat. Everything looks great. It is convenient to have someone come to the business in order to do the cars.
Tim S., Healdsburg, CA Mar 18, 2014

WOW – BLS was on time, affordable for the level of detail, pleasant, professional, and the best part: my car looks fantastic! I have a bright red car, so it showed every little imperfection. Not after BLS finished with my car. Well done, gentlemen!! I like BLS so much, I am engaging them to wash my car monthly, so I don’t undo their work by using harsh mineral-laden water, dusty cloths or other products and materials that will scratch my shiny red car!
Paula C., Santa Rosa, CA Mar 18, 2014

My daughter borrowed my Suburban for a trip to Disneyland with her family, which includes four children under the age of 12. I know how road trips with young children can be, so I was fully expecting my car to be returned a mess. However, I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see it looking better than it had been before the trip! My son in law had it cleaned by BLS Auto Detail, and it looks brand new. I will definitely be bringing our cars here in the future!
Flora M Jun 4, 2014

We had BLS detail inside and outside of our Lexus TX 330. Fantastic job. It looks brand new
Dave K Jun 2, 2014

First of all, BLS comes to you, so you don't have to sit for hours in a waiting room. Secondly, they are punctual, professional, and result oriented. Benjamin treated my car like it was his own. As a credit to his profession, he's a man who can truly take pride in his work. The end of last month, I bought a used 2007 Kia. The previous owner had not just neglected the paint/clear coat; but parked it under a bush. This constantly scratched the sides, and covered the car with "crap." It took 10 scratches with your finger nail to remove only one; and it still left a stain. Some scratches were down to the primer coat! Benjamin removed every stain, and removed, or reduced (come on, he's not God) every scratch. The results are far beyond my expectations. I'd have paid a lot more for the car than I did, if this work was done first. Cars are an investment these days. They cost more than a house did when I was a child, however I digress... Common sense, manufacturers' recommendations, past experience, some of the cars on the road. Just a few good reasons to maintain your cars paint. Then there are reasons like resale value, liking what you drive, looking good, etc.; but again I digress... When a business does more than expected, they're good. When a business is exceptional, like BLS, they should be recommended to family and friends. This is what I am doing.
Mike L., Santa Rosa, CA Dec 7, 2016

Brian K. Apr 1, 2014

I also got the Groupon for a mobile detail and thought that $140 for an interior floor and upholstery shampoo was too good to be true. Ben was very clear that sometimes previous jobs run long and that the timing sometimes required flexibility which was fine, I was having the job done at work and wouldn't need the car for anything. In any case the guys showed up within twenty minutes of the scheduled time and more importantly, got straight to work. Since i had saved some $$ on the Groupon, I opted to add high-speed buffing to lose some of the little cracks and add the Glare coating advertised on the website. The jury is out on the coating. It looks like a TOTALLY excellent wax job right now but the proof is in how long it will last. I'll keep you informed. The buffing however was totally worth it. That nasty spot where the dog jumped up on the side of the car? Gone. the depth of the luster is fabulous. The carpets are that zero-nap fuzzy junk they put in cars these days and while Ben kept trying to excuse the difficult to remove hairs and other tiny things that get lost in stuff like that I failed to see s single flaw in the carpets, they look like brand-new to me. No extra water either, everything was just barely damp but the seats were like new. I would recommend BLS and will use them again next spring, just for the interior and the tires, because the Glare is supposed to keep the paint like new. We'll see.
Richard C May 12, 2014

BLS has detailed a 2003 Ford van and a 2005 Highlander for us, and both look like new inside and outside. Two people work over three hours on your car and don’t miss anything, even polishing out marks for no extra charge. Great job.
Becky B., Sebastopol, CA Mar 18, 2014

I was looking for a place to get my fathers car detailed. I found BLS and felt good after reading the reviews to get my car detailed. Benjamin was very professional and knowledgeable about how to get take care of it the right way. He did a great job. I would highly recommend calling BLS.
Beatrice L., Rohnert Park, CA Dec 7, 2016

I really appreciated working with a quality business person. Ben is a knowledgable, funny and hard working man. It's obvious he really care about his customers and my car looks amazing!
Aldena G Jun 30, 2014

Benjamin is always prompt with return calls and texts. His staff is professional and very friendly. We have been using his services for over 3 years and have never had a issue. He doesn't try to upsale you on things you don't need which these days is hard to find! Benjamin is the best around and if he can't help you he will send you to someone who can! Awesome business, highly recommend him for all your needs.
Tina, Santa Rosa, CA Dec 7, 2016