Auto Detailing: Buffer Marks & Scratches

Posted on December 28, 2012 · Posted in Videos

Hi, this is Ben Smith with BLS Auto Detail in Santa Rosa, and here is your Tip for the Day.

This is a 2011 Bentley. We want to show you some damages on here from bad detail work that you can see… Well, we’ll point it to the rims. We’ll sort of look closely. It really is a Bentley there. This is a $200,000 car. But if you look on the paint here, there is severe buffer marks from a person buffing this car, either a dealership or another detailer or somebody. But they look like holograms and they’re going up and down the side of the car. And that’s from a buffer. And that’s from somebody that was using the buffer incorrectly and that’s what happens.

And what that does is all these marks take away from the clarity of the paint. So, when these are all buffed out and all those swirls and all those buffer marks are gone, the paint has a lot deeper, richer look to it. So, it’s got that wet look to it. But with the buffer marks and a poor buffed job, it detracts from the shine. And like I said, this is a $200,000 car, which should not have these kind of marks on it. These could be removed. A good detail shop who would know what to do to get these out.

I am Ben Smith. This is your detail Tip for the Day. Thank you.