Before & After

Paint Damage Repair


Notice the white streaking on left side. This is severe paint damage, before and after treatment.

Increase Color Vibrancy


Notice the shade of white – it is greatly improved after detailing.

Splotch & Scuff Removal


A competitor’s poor workmanship has been repaired. No more buff marks!

Mold Removal


Mold was taking over this upholstery. Mold has been cleaned away.

Full Interior Detailing


Attention to detail is important. Every surface, crack and crevice has been cleaned.

Scratch Repair


Notice the wash marks and paint swirls? Now they are gone and the color has brightened!

Just Like New!


Flat and Dull on the left. Good deep reflections on the right after a proper shine.

Improved Gloss & Reflection


Faded paint restored to perfect condition. Notice the reflection on the second picture literally serving as a mirror! You don't realize how bad your paint was until you get it professionally restored.

No Mess Too Tough To Handle

interior car cleaning

If you think your car is too messy for restoration, think again! I've restored neglected cars with decade-old messes to a like-new condition. This example is tame against what I'm trained to handle.

Glare Makes Your Vehicle Shine Like New


Our professional Glare treatment knocks out streaks, scratches, and buff marks. It repairs the paint to reflect light in a uniform fashion, making the car's surface smooth. It also protects your paint job from further damage for 2 years.