Hi, this is Ben Smith of BLS Auto Detail and today we’re going to do a demonstration of why it’s important to have a good protective wax coating on your paint. Today’s date, as you can see, is November 12, 2013, and what we’re going to do is do a demonstration with an egg. The product we use is a very high end wax. It’s actually a glass coating called “Glare”. And you’re going to see right now, we’re going to  do a demonstration with this egg and this is going to protect our paint.

Now, as you know, eggs are very acidic, like bird droppings, and eggs do a lot of damage. So, if this is left sitting on a car, most likely it wouldn’t protect it if there was no protection on the paint or a wax. It would do damage to the paint, it would crack the paint, and that spot would have to be repainted. So, our stuff will protect this car and we’re gonna do this demonstration right now. So, we’re gonna take this egg and crack it on the hood of this truck back here, and we’re going to leave it sit there for a couple of days, let it harden, and then we’re gonna wipe it off, and there will be no visible damage to the paint surface. Alright, we’re going go crack this egg now on the hood. Here we go.

Yeah, I don’t… I don’t recommend doing this if you do not have a good protective coating on your car, especially our stuff “Glare”. I’m having to actually hold the egg in place because the protective coating is so smooth, and the paint is so slick, it’s not sticking to the car. So, that’s a good sign. So, we actually have to hold this egg right here. If this car wasn’t waxed, it would just stick right there instantly. But as you can see, it’s rolling around, and we’re gonna let it kind of just roll off the side right now.

There’s a piece of shell right there, obviously. This is just the egg white. We can take some of, I guess, the yolk off the ground here, and maybe wipe it on the car, let it sit there like that. So, now you can see that that’s the yolk. So, we’re just gonna let that sit on the car. And that’ll stay right there. Obviously, the rest of the stuff slid off.

Now, we were going to come back in a couple of days to show you that the paint is still intact, that there’s no damage visible. But this stuff is literally flaking off before our eyes, and we’re gonna blow on it right now and show you. Look at that. It just… This is the egg white, it’s just flaking off the paint. I can go like this, and it’s just wiping right off, with no damage at all. Now this is the yolk part. We will still come back in a couple of days and show you that, but I’m guaranteeing that’s gonna be fine too. That’s kind of sticking there. But the egg white is literally flaking off before our eyes, so there might not be any egg white left when we come back in a couple or days, but the egg yolk should still be there.

It’s been two days since this egg has been on the car and here’s the date right here. It’s now Thursday, November 14, and it’s been baking on the car here for two days in the sun. You can see it’s cracked, there’s other residue here. As you’ve noticed, this stuff is… It’s almost washed off from being foggy and stuff, and the dew. That’s how nice it works. So, here’s the moment of truth, we’re gonna now wipe all this stuff off like this. So, we’re gonna take this towel here, it’s called microfiber towel and this is a silicone-based solution. It’s just kind of, like, just to be able to kind of make it a little easier to get the stuff off. So, we’re gonna wipe this off right now. And here comes the egg, it’ll just come right off. Bye-bye.

If we did the same test on an unprotected paint finish, the damage would have been severe. Basically, all the spots where it landed on the car, and sat on there, would have compromised the paint, and it would have actually eaten through the paint coating right there, and it would have to be either sanded down or refinished. Since it was protected, see there’s no damage at all. And so, that’s what it would do if it wasn’t protected. It would damage your paint to the point where it’d have to be repainted. Ben Smith, BLS Auto Detailing, thank you.