Get The Auto Detailing Santa Rosa Frequently Requests!

Car detailing Santa Rosa… There are few things more enjoyable than approaching your freshly cleaned, showroom-ready vehicle.

The paint sparkles. The trim and tires shine. The windows are spotless.

Meanwhile, the uber-clean dustless interior looks and smells like a brand-new vehicle. It’s not only a pleasure to see—a pleasure to ride in!

Car Detailing Specialists in Santa Rosa, CA

If your vehicle doesn’t light you up these days, you need the Santa Rosa car detailing service that transforms your ride into that delightful new-car experience.

Mobile Auto Detailing

You’d like to keep your car clean, detailed and protected, but you are too busy or just don’t like the hard, meticulous work that goes into a great detailing job.

Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Services

Car service worker polishes a car details with orbital polisher.

Why not treat yourself to that great new vehicle feeling—without the work or the hassle of driving to a shop and waiting around?

Because we offer mobile auto detailing Santa Rosa-based BLS Auto Detail comes to you—wherever you are–home, work or play. Wherever!

Just book your session, and we arrive with everything needed to professionally detail your vehicle.

Detailing Helps Maintain Vehicle Value

When it comes to car detailing Santa Rosa super cleaner BLS does more than make your vehicle look amazing. We also help it hold its value. Regular paint protection, interior maintenance and other services can preserve the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain its resale value for years to come.

The Services We Provide

We feature an extensive list of services to detail any car. We also have experience performing detailing on every type of truck, van, motorcycle, etc. We know the ins and outs of cleaning methods to bring out the like-new appearance of your vehicle.

We are based in Santa Rosa, but we routinely perform mobile car detailing everywhere within Sonoma, Napa, and Marin counties. Not located in one of those areas? Just ask! Our area of service is broad, and we almost always are able to meet you where you are located.

Car Interior mold & stain removal Services

Before/After example of mold removal from seats.

These are just a few services we offer:

  • Interior detailing
  • Streak free window cleaning
  • Interior mold & stain removal
  • Scratch & buff mark removal
  • Tire & rim detailing
  • Ceramic paint protection
Before/After example of carpeted auto floor cleaning

Before/After example of carpeted auto floor cleaning. Wow!

All of these services are brought directly to your location!

Our car detailing Santa Rosa packages start at $149. See our car detail package pricing >>

But, we encourage you not to over-stress about the price and focus on what services your car needs–like top quality paint protection.

Do you realize if your car doesn’t have protection it’s at risk for long-term damage? It doesn’t take much for a paint job to get permanently ruined!

Ask us about our Glare Paint Protection services >>

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Packages are available for interior, exterior and additional services, such as glass coating, headlight restoration and more. See packages >>