Caring For Your Cars Leather Seats

Posted on December 31, 2012 · Posted in Videos

Hi, this is Ben Smith, BLS Auto Detail in Santa Rosa. Here is your Tip for the Day. This is a Bentley, and this leather here is very expensive. So, what we’re going to show you today is how to basically take care of your leather interior on your car.

What we have here, it’s called microfiber towel, and these are very, very soft. They don’t scratch or anything like that. And this here is just purified water. So, whenever you clean your interior, you always just wanna take the softest and the cleanest stuff possible. We’re gonna spray a little bit of water on this thing. As you can see, that’s just purified water.

You don’t wanna use any harsh chemicals, no Simple Green, nothing like that. Always use the softest and cleanest stuff you have. And distilled water is pure water. So, just wipe it down. Wipe off the dust and maintain that. Just do that once every… Once a week, once every few days, and it’ll keep the car interior nice. You can also put a leather conditioner on that after that. But this is just in-between maintenance kind of stuff.

This is BLS Auto Detail. Thank you.