Caring For Your Leather Seats

Posted on November 15, 2012 · Posted in Videos

Hi, this is Ben Smith of BLS Auto Detailing in Santa Rosa, California, and today we’re gonna talk about how to take care of your leather seats. Now, on your seats you get wear marks and cracks and a lot of that is from not proper care. What happens is dirt is what causes most of the wear on your seats because dirt, if you take it down to a microscopic level, it’s actually jagged-edged pieces and sand. So you think about how… That abrades against your seats and that’s what puts the wear marks on your seats. So, it’s very important to vacuum and clean your car on a regular basis to avoid these wear marks.

Also, when you’re sitting in your seat, try not to go like this and rub against the seat ’cause any kind of a rubbing, friction motion, it is also going to wear that seat. Try to just sit down as easily as you can, without wearing against your seats and causing friction. All of that creates the wear of the seats and these are your tips to help protect your car. This is Ben Smith, BLS Auto Detail.