Ceramic Paint Protection For Cars: Glare® Auto Ceramic Coating Works for Years

Are you familiar with auto ceramic coatings that are specifically designed to safeguard the paint on your car? These coatings are superior to car wax as they provide long-lasting protection for several years, instead of just a few months. Not only do they enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but they also help to maintain its value.

Glare® Pro Polish, protection against weather conditions and other external factors for up to 5 years.

An example of such a product is Glare® Pro Polish, which offers protection against weather conditions and other external factors for up to 5 years. Traditional car waxes, however, only provide protection for a short period of time and lose their effectiveness over time.

Additionally, some waxes and polishes are abrasive and can cause damage to the vehicle’s paint. In contrast, Glare uses an invisible glass coating to shield your car from dirt, debris, and other potential hazards.

Ceramic Auto Coatings Protect Your Vehicle’s Surface

Auto ceramic coating, also known as glass coating, is a silicate product that creates a molecular bond with the paint finish of your car.

This bond offers the most long-lasting safeguard for your vehicle’s paint since bird droppings and tree sap can QUICKLY and  PERMANENTLY damage the paint.

These substances chemically bond with the paint and can be challenging to restore to their original state when left on the car and exposed to sunlight. Ceramic paint protection is essential, even for new cars, to prevent this type of damage. Glare, for instance, provides a gloss and shine that makes your vehicle appear as though it has just rolled off the lot. It is compatible with all surfaces, including plastic, carbon fiber, glass, all paints, and metals.
The coating also halts surface areas from oxidizing and turning white, essentially freezing time so that your car’s appearance remains the same as when it was new.

Glare Paint Protection Services

In addition to protecting the paint job, Glare’s auto ceramic coating can save you money by reducing the number of washes and waxing required for up to 2-5 years. The company’s slogan, “Like Putting Your Vehicle into an Invisible Garage,” is entirely accurate since Glare’s ceramic paint protection provides exceptional safeguard for your car’s paint.

How does Glare Work?

Glare’s laboratory chemists have created a chemical formula called Glassplexin, which offers an “invisible protection” through a straightforward application process. These chemists have extensive experience in paint-specific chemistry, totaling over 100 years, and have discovered a unique way to provide this protection.

Unlike waxes, resins, and polymers, which do not offer sufficient protection against heat and UV rays and quickly wear off with regular car washing, Glare surpasses them all by forming a covalent chemical bond with the paint on the vehicle. This bond is a molecular chemical reaction that transforms the structure of the paint and ensures long-lasting protection.

Glare Literally Transforms Your Auto Paint Surface

Protect against heat and UV rays with Glare® Pro Polish ProtectionThe paint on your vehicle can now benefit from a thick, glossy glass coating, creating what can be called “super paint.” As the only authorized Glare application dealer in the North Bay, we take pride in offering this exceptional product. In addition, Glare removes miniature scratches, swirls, buff marks, agitation, and oxidization, transforming the paint and eliminating imperfections along the way.
Although Glare is not intended for use on skin, it is the most effective paint protection product available today and for many years to come. It is so strong that even airlines use it on their planes. After applying Glare to your car, it will shine brighter than it did when you drove it off the lot.
Glare is also ideal for individuals looking to sell their vehicle and increase its value significantly. We apply Glare paint protection to the cars of many sellers and car flippers, and they know that it significantly increases the vehicle’s value, whether it is a car, motorcycle, RV, motorhome, or boat. For a small cost, you can gain hundreds or even thousands of dollars in value. In all seriousness, it is that good.

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