Ceramic Paint Protection: Glare® Auto Ceramic Coating Works for Years

Maybe you’ve heard about auto ceramic coating products designed to protect car paint.

But did you know that ceramic paint protection out-performs car wax and lasts for years—not just months?

Did you know that it doesn’t just look good, but a good ceramic paint protection actually helps a vehicle hold is value?

Not only will your vehicle look great, but Glare® Pro Polish offers 5-year protection against the elements. Traditional car waxes last a couple weeks—maybe a couple months—but they quickly diminish over time. After the wax has faded, the car’s surface is left without protection.

Even worse, some waxes and polishes are harsh on the vehicle, and actually wear down the paint. Glare offers an invisible glass coating to protect your car from any dirt, debris, dropping, etc.

Ceramic Auto Coatings Protect Your Vehicle’s Surface

Ceramic auto coating, also known a glass coating, is a silicate product that forms a molecular bond with your auto paint finish. The bond creates the longest lasting ceramic car paint protection on the market. Why does this matter?

Bird droppings and tree sap can PERMANENTLY—and QUICKLY—damage paint!

The chemicals in these substances, especially when left on the vehicle and/or combined with heat from the sun, begin to bond with the paint. Once this happens, it’s difficult or impossible to restore the paint to its original condition, and the damage will show. Don’t think your brand-new car is safe. It’s not! You need ceramic paint protection.

The gloss and shine Glare creates will literally make your car look like it just came off the lot. It’s ideal for plastic, carbon fiber, glass, all paints and metals. It prevents surface areas from oxidizing and turning white. The auto ceramic coating Glare puts on your car is like a time capsule. It prevents all that oxidization and wear and tear. It essentially freezes time so the vehicle still looks like when it was first purchased!

Plus, you’ll save money with fewer washes and waxings needed for 2 – 5 years. Guaranteed! In addition to the paint being protected, your car will look amazing!

Glare’s slogan is, “Like Putting Your Vehicle Into an Invisible Garage“™ — and we have found this to be entirely true.

When someone asks us, “What’s the best way to extend the life of my new paint job?” our first response is, get Glare ceramic paint protection!

How does Glare Work?

The chemists at Glare’s laboratory have developed a chemical formula called Glassplexin. These chemists have over 100 years of paint-specific chemical experience combined, and they have discovered a way to offer this ‘invisible protection’ on a simple application.

No waxes, resins or polymers are used because those ingredients do not provide sufficient protection against heat and UV rays. They also don’t last regular car washing and come off quite quickly. Glare stands above the rest in that it forms a covalent chemical bond with the vehicle’s paint. A molecular chemical reaction occurs between Glare and the paint to transform the structure of the paint.

Glare Literally Transforms Your Auto Paint Surface

Now the paint has the added benefit and durability of thick glossy glass. It forms a literal “super paint”! And, as the only Glare authorized application dealer in the North Bay, we are proud to offer this product.

Not only that, miniature scratches, swirls, buff marks, agitation, and oxidization are all removed. Remember, the paint is transformed, and in that process the paint takes on new properties thus removing imperfections along the way.

We know what you’re thinking, “does it work on skin too?” Absolutely NOT (and don’t try it!), but this is the absolute best paint protection product on the market today and in the decades to come.

It’s so sturdy, airlines are using it on their planes. After we apply Glare to your vehicle, your car will shine brighter than when you drove it off the lot!

Glare is also perfect for people looking to sell their vehicle for a significant increase in value. We perform Glare paint protection on the cars of many sellers and car-flippers.

They know it absolutely works to increase the value of a vehicle, whether it be car, motorcycle, RV, motorhome, or boat. For the low cost of a Glare application, you’ll gain hundreds or even thousands of value. Seriously, it’s that good.

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