How To Clean Car Windows

Posted on March 18, 2013 · Posted in Videos

Hi, this is Benjamin Smith of BLS Auto Detailing and here is your tip for the day. When you clean [car] windows, all you need is what’s called microfiber towels, and you can get them at Walmart, Kmart, any of those places, and you need distilled water.

All of these window cleaners they sell 409 and all these spray stuff, these foams and all these different things, you don’t need those. All you need is distilled water, spray it on the window like so, and just wipe it off. Go on one direction on the outside so you know where the streaks are. See, I’m going in one direction. And on the inside [go other direction]. See, with the purified water, this will dry perfectly clear. ‘Cause there’s no minerals in the water and there’s nothing in the water to make it spot. So you’re not using city water on the inside. You will just go in the opposite direction ’cause that way you know where the streaks are. And then you just take another towel or turn this towel over and just dry it off. That way, you save money. You don’t have to buy window cleaner, all that stuff which is pretty much a waste of money. Now, if you look at the window… Pretty good.

Now, also on this tip, I’m gonna show you something. Coming out closer. This trim, this car has been to the car wash, probably the touchless car wash. And the detergents they use are very aggressive to get the car clean, since there’s no brushes touching or anything touching the car. Basically the soap has to basically melt the dirt off. In the process, you can stain the trim because the soaps are very aggressive and way too harsh for the paint. The paint usually can take it, but the plastic trim as you see here is stained and damaged, as well as the plastic trim here too. Because this is very porous and it’s just a gloss coating over it and that’s what happened. So, if you want to go to car washes at all costs, the best ones are the handwash and there you go.

This is BLS Auto Detailing. Thank you very much.