Frequently Asked Questions


Mobile Auto Detailing FAQs

How much does your auto detailing cost?

merc-red2lo_rs3uOur services start at $99 but we urge you to not base your decision on price. Unfortunately, many people have made the mistake of choosing the lowest price they can find. This results in inferior workmanship and possible damage to your vehicles surface. The cost for our services is based on your individual needs. Our prices are very competitive and the quality of our products and workmanship is superior to any one else in the North Bay. We have been detailing cars since 1994 and our knowledge of the detailing industry insures that you will be happy the results.

What does Mobile Detail Service Mean?

sedan-black-tinted-windowBy Mobile Detail we mean that we come to you at your home or office to provide you with a complete top of the line auto detail service on your car. We work with your schedule to make it most convenient for you, and we can fit most time frames. Just give us a call at (707) 280-5758 and let us know what services you’d like and your availability. We’ll do the rest!

Mobile detailing is especially important when dealing with larger, harder to move vehicles. Say for instance you are selling a non-operating car to an enthusiast. It doesn’t run, and you can’t drive it to a detailing shop, but you want it to look nice. We come to you – absolutely no towing or hitching necessary! Say that you have a large boat. The gas cost alone to haul the boat to a detailing shop would be costly. We come to you and service your boat. Have a group of buses, vans, or company vehicles? It would be a hassle to drive all of them to a detailer. We come to you and detail as many vehicles as you have. Our pricing is affordable, and we will work with you and present an auto detailing package that will save you time and money.

Note that this service is different than Mobile Auto Detailing Systems (aka Mobile Car Washes), which typically employ the use of pressure washers and water tanks, often mounted on top of detail vehicles such as vans or trucks.

What Is Auto Detailing?

auto-detailing-waxingThere are two primary areas of Auto Detailing:

1. Deep Cleaning and Paint Restoration.
2. Vehicle Appearance Maintenance.

Deep Cleaning auto detail services include exterior cleaning, polishing and protecting as well as carpet and upholstery shampooing, leather and vinyl cleaning, oxidation removal from the paint with the use of cleaners and high speed buffers, acid rain and environmental fallout removal and correcting other problems with the vehicle’s finish. Appearance Maintenance services include conditioning of leather and vinyl, protecting carpets and cloth seats, and waxing and sealing of the paint. Even with a regular routine of car washing, the surfaces of your vehicle lose their protective coatings over time, allowing dirt and other contaminants to penetrate. Carpets, leather, vinyl and paint are all subject to this phenomenon. Regular use of our Auto Detail Services cleans these surfaces and applies a new protective coating to them.

What should I expect from the service?

Expect a professional auto detailer who shows up on time, suggests the best treatment for your car, and returns to you an immaculate automobile.

How long does it take?

Between 3 to 4 hours for a sedan, up to 6 for the biggest SUV. If you have more than one vehicle you’d like detailed, cleaning times may be longer. For an estimate how long it would take, call us at (707) 280-5758.

How long will it last?

Once cleaned and prepared we finish your car and your car will remain protected for a period that lasts between 1 to 2 months. Our premium paint protectant will last a minimum of 1 year.

What is Polishing?

Car Polish (Surface Oxidation Remover) removes tree sap, minor scuff marks and scratches, swirl marks, oxidized car paints/finishes and other hazing. Car Polish also brings out the original shine of your new car’s paint. The effects of Auto Polish are particularly visible on cars with dark paint, which tends to show more scratches and hazing.


Why should I have BLS sell my car?

Because we’ve successfully sold over 22 cars and have the experience and knowledge to do so and get you maximum value for your car when it sells. Of course there’s also the convenience factor.

How much will selling my car cost me?

There are no out of Pocket expenses, all costs are part of the Commission. Commission is 10-13% based on the vehicle.

Are you buying my car and reselling it?

No we are just connecting buyer and seller.