Hi. This is Ben Smith of BLS Auto Detail, and today we’re going to talk to you about why paint protection is so important for your car. I purchased this hood just the other day at a junk yard. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wash one side and show you the difference between… With just washing the car, how much better the paint is going to look. So, now we’re going to wash this side of the hood. The purpose of this is to get the dirt and grime off as you can see.

The next part of the process, the second part, is the clay process. Now, what this is going to do is it’s going to remove all the… It’s going to extract all the embedded pollutants and contaminants out of the paint surface that washing can not take off. And claying is important because it smooths the surface out and enables the polishes in the next steps and the protectants to adhere better and in turn, the protections last longer. As you can see, as we’re claying this car, all this stuff is oxidation, it’s black… These streaks are all the embedded pollutants that are in the paint surface itself that it’s extracting. You can see, this is all the black paint that’s coming off. That’s all the oxidation or a lot of the oxidation, and it’s the embedded dirt that’s in the surface of this hood.

Now we’ve washed this side, and this side has been clayed. As you can notice, this side is shinier slightly. It’s got a little deeper clarity and shine on it. This side is a little more faded. Next step we’re going to do is we’re going to buff this side. What that’s going to do is remove more of this oxidation, these streak marks, and the shine is gonna get deeper and deeper on this side, and you’ll start noticing that.

The next stage we’re going to do here is the buffing stage. This is important because it removes all the scratches, the deeper scratches, the surface scratches. Now, that being said, your paint might not need that. If you take care of your paint and/or it’s a new car, the buffing stage might not be necessary. But if the paint’s been neglected and you haven’t taken care of it, this stage might be necessary. You can see a remarkable difference now. It’s… The paint shine is getting way deeper. Now, you can see the clarity now that’s beginning to show. You can see my hand here. Here you can barely see anything. Okay, this is the fourth stage in the process here, and we’re gonna polish this. And that last step was a buffing process. This is the polishing process. Each process can be… I made an analogy to sandpaper. So, we’re going to a finer and finer grit basically. So, this is a finer grit than the stage before. So, we’re just gonna keep going finer and finer until it’s all done.

The shine is… The clarity is getting better each step we do. You can see the colors now. The reflection is getting deeper. And the paint is smooth as glass. So, this is the fifth and final stage in the protection process. This is the sealant protection stage. And you’ll see when we’re done here… This is the stage that protects your paint from the environment, from bird droppings, from tree sap. Also this is the stage which makes the water bead up. You get those nice beads when it rains. So, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Now, we’re going to go ahead and wipe this off, and it’s going to be a pretty remarkable shine.

Now you can see, notice also now the reflections are even a little bit deeper. The clarity is pretty much as good as it can get. Unfortunately, this hood has been repainted. I purchased this at the junk yard, and not knowing what I’m getting, this is the results. So, but you can see that even, once we strip away the layers, even if you had a poor paint job, we can still restore the shine and the clarity to your paint.