Hi, this is Ben Smith with BLS Auto Detail in Santa Rosa, CA. Here is your tip for the day. Most people when they go to a car wash, assume the car wash is cleaning the car, which it is. The problem with a car wash is this; the harsh aggressive chemicals they use to clean your car quick and fast, strip off most of your protection on your car, the wax. When you pay for the upgraded wax, I guess sealer they call them or something on it. They have different names sealer wax on the menu, that’s…What that do is shine the car, but it’s not adding protection.

When your car comes out, it’s all shinny and nice. You think it’s protected, it’s really not, it’s just shinny. Then that’s gonna last about maybe three or four days. A good quality wax will last you three to four months, and there’s also exclusive lines on the market that could last up to two to three years. And those products will have to be buffed into your paint job. To maintain the look and feel of your paint, make sure you use a quality wax that not only makes your paint or your car look good, but will protect it as well.