Hi, this is Ben Smith with BLS Auto Detail, and today we’re going to talk to you about Glare. Glare is the most technically advanced paint protection system on the market today. We highly recommend it. Tesla Motors, as a matter of fact uses Glare exclusively on their new cars. We’re gonna do a demonstration for you today and show you just how well Glare will protect your vehicle finish. Why does BLS Auto Detail recommend Glare to all its customers? Because it’s simply the best product on the market today.

Glare is a glass-based product that offers superior protection against the elements because it bonds to your paint. Not to mention, it offers the best possible shine on the market today. Today we’re going to do a demonstration of just how good that durability is for your vehicle. So, now we’re going to do a series of demonstrations to showcase Glare’s protection ability. Here we have a hood that we purchased from a junk yard yesterday. As you can see this side has been washed and this side has a five-step protection process on it, the last stage being Glare. So, we’re going to light this side on fire and then this side and let’s see what happens.

Kids do not do this at home, it’s very dangerous.

As you can see after we wipe this thing off, the paint’s discolored. The paint looks like it’s about to start failing here, it’s got a little bit of bumps here. It’s not smooth, it’s the paint in the metal starting to come off here. You can see these little bumps here. It’s gonna start bubbling off. But it’s definitely damaged for sure from the heat and no protection on the hood at all.

We’re going to do same thing on the other side with the protection, the Glare protected and let’s see what happens.

Don’t cook marshmallows on there.

Now obviously, your paint is not… That’s not going to happen, if you car gets on fire, it’s not going to protect it. But this is demonstrating how it’s going to protect against the heat, especially the summer time black hoods can get 250 degrees in the summer when the direct sun, so this is showcasing how that’s going to protect against that. As you can see, this side shows little if any damage or whatsoever, it’s a little hot right here, it’s a little discolored, the paint’s still super smooth and we could polish all this out. This will polish right off. This side on the other hand, it’s discolored bad and the paint is discolored, this stuff won’t polish out and the paint is, got little bit of bump to it, it’s not super smooth. It’s little hard to see obviously, but as you can see on this side, there is no damage or whatsoever. It’s a little discolored but this will polish out.

Now, we’re going to take our Glare products, specifically our Glare polish and we’re going to polish this stuff out really quick and show you there is no visible damage. Then we will go on to our next demonstration. So, here we go.

Okay, now as you can see this paint is protected from the fire. Basically, there’s no damage whatsoever, the paint is perfectly smooth and shines back like nothing ever happened.