Hi, this is Ben Smith, founder of BLS Auto Detail. The number one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of detailing cars is that most car owners don’t know whether their paint is protected from environmental contaminants. Most people think that the spray wax applied at the car wash offers protection. Well it doesn’t. Even a hand applied wax lasts only a few months in the elements.

Here’s a simple way to tell if your car’s paint has any protection. Simply run your fingers across the hood with medium pressure after you’ve freshly washed your car. Any drag or resistance indicates a lack of protection. The more drag you feel, the more your paint’s at risk. Simple grime and droppings will embed themselves in the paint at a molecular level making them very difficult to remove.

To learn more, visit the Paint Protection section of the website. There, make it a point to watch the videos on Glare, the absolute best paint protection on the market. I hope you’ve learned something today from your visit. The purpose of this site is to educate you, the consumer. If you have any questions, contact us at the number above or shoot us an email. Thank you very much for watching.