Hi, this is Ben Smith from BLS Auto Detail, and here’s your tip for the day. These are rims on a Mercedes, I think it’s an ’01. And you can see how dirty they are here, and this is from lack of care. This car hasn’t been washed in at least a month to have this much brake dust on them. The problem with this is that brake dust is corrosive. When it gets on your rims, it will pit them. So, when the rim, tires spin, it heats up. The heat and any kind of moisture will basically cause corrosion. These are really dirty.

Now, a lot of this will come off when we wash it, but some of it won’t. Then, what will happen? There’ll be these little black dots everywhere that are left behind. They’re actually embedded into the rim. The only way to get that out is to refinish the rim.

These rims might cost a $1000 for a set of four, and you can avoid this by just washing your car on a regular basis. You wash it once a week, keep the rims clean, and that stuff doesn’t happen.

This is Ben Smith with BLS Auto Detailing.