Ben Smith from BLS Auto Detail (SAnta Rosa, CA), and here is your tip for the day.

This car, as you can see my employee here, he’s claying it with the material. This paint is really rough from not being waxed in probably its whole lifetime. If you can hear this… Come here. You can hear this, this is how you know the car needs wax. Hear that drag? It shouldn’t drag like that making that noise made by friction stuff, it needs to be smooth. You can hear that… That’s how you know a car needs wax really bad.

He’s cleaning it right now to smooth all that out, then we’re going to wax it. Then, come over here… This is what a car looks like that’s been waxed and polished. You can see how shiny it is. See that? And you can… I’ll run my hand across it. You can’t get that noise even if I tried to get that noise, I can’t because the paint’s smooth. So, I’m rubbing the same way I rubbed the other car, but it’s not making that noise because there’s wax, there’s protection on the paint. So, that’s the difference.

Ben Smith, BLS Auto Detail.