Automotive Detailing For Santa Rosa

At BLS Auto Detailing, we are the foremost provider of car detailing services in the Santa Rosa area. If you are unable to come to us, we will come to you and detail your car, whether you are at home, workplace or somewhere else. Our premium detailing service takes things to the next level and gives our best customers something they will never forget. Do you have an RV, motorhome, or motorcycle that needs to be detailing? We can take care of that for you.

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Understanding the Detailing Process

Car detailing can be broken into one of two categories: interior and exterior detailing. These two services require the skilled hand of a trained professional. On the outside, the professional who’s in charge needs to do whatever they can to restore the car’s finish. On the inside, they have to work on cleaning and polishing every aspect of the car’s interior cabin. Once they’re finished, the car will look completely different than it did when it first came into the establishment.

Keeping the Customer Happy

People who go to car detailing services expect a lot out of the transaction. They take care of their vehicle more than most people and, for that reason; the demands placed on the car detailing services they choose significantly. They want their vehicle to come back looking so great that they can show it off to all their friends. When they receive their vehicle, and it doesn’t live up to their standards, it will become nearly impossible to convince them to stay.

Selling a Restored Vehicle

A lot of vehicle owners choose to get their vehicles detailed when they are trying to sell them. Getting a vehicle to look like new is important when it comes time to present it to potential buyers. Vehicle buyers expect everything out of the vehicles they are about to purchase regardless of their age. They want the vehicles they consider to look like new even if a considerable number of years have passed since they looked that way.

Going the Extra Mile

There’s more to car detailing that wiping off services and vacuuming floorboards. Some vehicle owners go as far as getting their vehicles repainted and having an auto body shop repair dents and dings. The name of the game is doing whatever it takes to restore a vehicle to its former glory. The extent to which you will have to go depends on the current condition of your vehicle. Don’t rule out older vehicles or vehicles that are in poor condition. Every vehicle has the potential to look stellar once again.

Loving What We Do

We enjoy working on every vehicle we are fortunate enough to detail. The fact that we can detail so many different vehicles and come to wherever you are separates us from our competition. We know that once you have us detail one of your vehicles, you will be impressed with the results and want to come back to us in the future. That’s what we want. We want the opportunity to develop longstanding relationships with each client we serve.

Getting What You Deserve

You deserve to have vehicles that catch the eye of everyone that happens to see them. There’s nothing wrong with getting your vehicle detailed as frequently as you want. Every vehicle goes through a process of wear and tear throughout the course of their lifespan. Some vehicles age faster than others. It all depends on how often a vehicle is used and where it is driven.

Breaking Out of Your Shell

You shouldn’t drive conservatively just because you’re worried about how your vehicle will end up looking. You should take your vehicle wherever you want to go and live life to the fullest. As soon as you’re finished, you can bring it to BLS Auto Detailing, and we will make it shine all again.