Mobile Car Washing

Let Me Do The Dirty Work For You

Santa Rosa Mobile Car WashingUnless you are an automotive aficionado and have a wide assortment of high-end cleaning supplies, you most likely don’t have what it takes to clean and protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior. These professional automotive maintenance items can cost you several hundreds of (upwards of over one thousand) dollars; this amount is far too significant for the average person to invest in keeping their vehicle clean.

Beware of Machine & Do-It-Yourself Car Washes!

Ben Smith - BLS Auto Detail - Santa Rosa, CABecause of this, a person tends to gravitate to drive-through or do-it-yourself car washes located in gas stations and street corners. They’re cheap and easy to use, and they might even give your vehicle a momentary sparkle, but they do tremendous damage to your vehicle on the molecular level. Abrasions, scratches, scuffs, and buff marks from these fast-and-easy washes don’t become immediately evident, yet over time you’ll notice them more and more. Just how a colored shirt fades over time, a mistreated car exterior will fade as well. This is not normal for a car – with proper, professional care, a car’s paint should last a decade or more.


We Come To You, Wherever You Are

before & after a detailing car washThe primary reason people opt for quick-fixes for car detailing is due to time constraints. Work, play, family, hobbies, social events, and activities all take priority over car maintenance. However, did you know about mobile auto detailing experts? These professionals are committed to keeping your car’s interior and exterior well protected and cleaned, and they’ll do it while you play or work at your home or job. We come to you and provide professional cleaning services on-location so you don’t have to sacrifice but a minute of your time.

About Us – What We Do

car scratch scrap removalBLS Auto Detail is owned and operated by Ben Smith, the company has been in operation since 1994, over 20 years. Ben is passionate about car detailing, and he has serviced tens of thousands of vehicles in the last two decades. During our interview, he explained the molecular damage that happens to car paint over time. In layman’s terms, the molecular damage causes microscopic scratches. The shimmering color of a new car is due to the smooth, unscratched surface of the paint. When the paint becomes scratched by improper cleaning practices, it reflects light improperly, which is why the color turns cloudy, muted, and murky.

Get Glare Paint Protection For Added Durability & Shine

Ben Smith employs Glare Paint Protection. This highly advanced car paint treatment not only protects the paint with a thin glass layer, but it also repairs microscopic damage by fusing and restoring the paint molecules. A professional Glare Paint Protection treatment can last up to two years, compared to the 1-month protection that standard wax applications provide. In the long run, it’s the most cost effective method to keeping your car shining just like new, and it’s done right in the comfort of your own home or workplace.