Motorhome & Boat Detailing

Professional Cleaning for Motorhomes & RV’s

rvAs you know, Motorhomes take a lot of gas. Getting your motorhome to and from a professional detailing company might just cost more than it’s worth, right? At the same time, cleaning your motorhome in your driveway can be a hassle. Especially for larger vehicles, that’s a lot of surface area to clean and polish.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to spend the time or money coming to us. We’ll come to you with all of the tools and supplies necessary to make your vehicle shine like new.


Why not clean it myself?

Some people love the challenge of keeping their own motorhome clean. Over time, however, it becomes a burden to the owner. You can think of it similar to owning a half-acre front yard; it may be fun to mow all of that grass at first, but then it soon becomes a tiresome chore!

Additionally, you may not be offering your motorhome the necessary protection by cleaning it yourself. Store-bought waxes don’t provide full paint protection. We use professional-grade wax and paint protection. Our paint protection lasts a year or two, and can protect your vehicle from the harshest of elements. You don’t get that quality with on-sale, store-bought supplies.

Or maybe you just don’t have the energy to keep it clean – we understand, life can be stressful and tiresome at times! You can trust in us to come out to you and fully clean and detail your motorhome or RV – inside and out.

Boat Cleaning & Detailing


Much like Motorhomes, transportation to and from a detailing business can me a major issue – which is enhanced even more by the fact that boats are perhaps the most difficult vehicles to transport on land! Fortunately for you, we specialize in boat detailing, and we’ll come straight to where the boat is stored to give it the complete wash and paint protection it deserves.

Do you have a boat in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Marin or Napa? We’d love to hear from you and offer you a package that you’ll love. Boats represent elegance, and a clean boat is something to be treasured for life. We’ll fully clean the exterior and even interior as well. So that next long day of relaxation out on the lake or the river, you’ll impress your guests with five-star detailing. We don’t miss a spot. Give us a call!