Window Tinting

What is Window Tinting?

window-tintWindow tint is a very thin film that blocks light transmission through the auto glass. Legally, the front windshield must have less than a certain percentage of light prevented so that the driver may see the road clearly. Many drivers love the appearance of the tint on their car. To some, the tint on passenger and rear windows enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle. It creates a sporty feel. To others, window tint allows a feeling of privacy. And the benefits experienced by all include, UV filtration and increased protection from the sun, thermal insulation (for winter), and sun protection (for summer).


Should I tint my windows myself or hire a professional to do it for me?

We can answer this question by simply stating this: We’ve repaired a lot of do-it-yourself window tint jobs gone bad. Because the film application must be precise, any slight deviation from the application procedure will cause cracks or bubbles. To be honest, a professional window tint job doesn’t cost you that much more than a DIY window tinting kit! Why go through the hassle of tinting your own windows and risk ruining the film when you can save the time and stress to have somebody do it for you?

Other important notes about window film

You must always consider the quality for the film. ‘Universal’ do-it-yourself window tinting film will fit most makes and models of vehicles, but it is also brittle and wears down faster especially in extended exposure to sunlight. Bubbles may form on cheap film, which look visually unappealing and can serve as a driving distraction.

As BLS Auto Detail, we will pick the best window tint for your vehicle. We’ll also offer you several choices to meet your desires and give your car extra stunning appeal!