Why Wax Your NEW Car or Truck?

Posted on January 10, 2013 · Posted in Videos

Hi, this is Ben Smith with BLS Auto Detail and here is your Tip for the Day. This is a brand new GMC truck. You can see the license plate. It’s a Envoy or something like that.

Most people… A myth is they think that if there is wax on the car, the car is protected. If you don’t pay for some kind of protection package, chrome plating or what have you, there really is nothing on your car. Sometimes you can be able to hear the drag on these things, the resistance. This one, you can kind of feel it, you can’t see it.

So, what we’re gonna to do is throw a towel across just so you can see how it doesn’t really slide all the way across. It kind of stops there. Okay. So, we’re gonna wax this hood and show you the difference of the kind of slickness of the paint. So, we’ll wax this really quick. And then you can just see how the towel slides right across it. But when there is nothing on the paint like this, the consumer thinks “Oh, the car is protected,” but tree sap gets on here, bird crap gets on here or something like that, it can actually damage the paint because there is no protection between the paint and the elements. So, anything that gets on there will in fact damage the car.

This paint is a lot smoother and sleeker now. Okay, now we’re gonna throw… Do the towel test. Okay, watch this. Lot less resistance, the paint is protected. Good bye.

This is Ben Smith, BLS Auto Detail.